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Dr. Leon L. Higgs was born at Deep Creek, South Andros on May 15, 1948. After completing his basic primary education, he moved to Nassau where he attended the Nassau Technical Institute and worked for three years before leaving The Bahamas for the United States where he completed high school at the age of twenty-one before pursuing his Tertiary education. Leon HiggsWhile in the United States, Dr. Higgs received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Education from Union College in Lincoln, Nebraska, his Master’s degree in Business Education from Northern Illinois University in DeKalb, Illinois and the Doctor of Philosophy in Administration of Higher Education, Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Nebraska in Lincoln, Nebraska. Dr. Higgs has had extensive administrative and teaching experiences at the two and four-year college and university levels, both in The Bahamas and the United States. In 1975, Dr. Higgs was among the founding members of the newly formed College (now University) of The Bahamas. He served as a lecturer in the Business Division where he eventually became the Chair. In 1981, Dr. Higgs left the College of The Bahamas for the United States where he served in the field of Higher Education for many years before returning to the College of The Bahamas in 1998 as its President and CEO. Dr. Higgs, with the assistance of his faculty and staff was responsible for laying the foundation for the modern University of The Bahamas. While in the United States, Dr. Higgs served as an Assistant Professor of Business in the school of Business at Loma Linda University in Riverside, California. He also served as the department Chair of Business and Information Systems at Oakwood College (Now Oakwood University) in Huntsville Alabama, Dean of Business and Office Administration at Riverside Community College in Riverside, California, and Executive Vice President at San Bernardino Valley College in San Bernardino, California. Upon returning to The Bahamas in 1993, Dr. Higgs assumed the position of Assistant General Manager for Human resources at the Bahamas Water and Sewerage Corporation before moving to The Bahamas Technical and Vocational Institute (BTVI) as the Director of Training responsible for that institution. After BTVI it was on to the College of The Bahamas and then the Ministry of Education and Training from which he retired in 2013 as the Director of Higher Education and Lifelong Learning. From 2013 to 2017, Dr. Higgs was a Consultant in the Ministry of Education where he served as the Secretary General for The Bahamas National Commission for the United Nations Education, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO). During his tenure, The Bahamas became Party to three of UNESCO’s Cultural Conventions; namely:

About the Book

Barefoot to Boardroom chronicles my unique journey and important milestones. My rise from an impoverished upbringing to an accomplished educator is noteworthy. As you follow my journey, you will meet people who nurtured me. You will gain insight into my relationship with my sons, a turbulent marriage, and an intriguing rebirth. The book also chronicles my stay in the :United States as well as my presidency at the College or the Bahamas and my other activities in education. I wanted to share my story because I believe that it would motivate people around the world to live up to their full potential. The story shows that it does not matter where you start in life, but where you reach in life. The book is written as an inspirational guide for old and young people who believe that life has dealt them abad hand. The book is unique in that it transcends age and it is a good read.

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The same Master Designer who gave us the power to dream, also gave each of us forty billion brain cells so that we can think, and act, and become all that we are capable of. He expects each person to make a significant contribution to his world. Someone has said it is a sin to die unless and until you have fulfilled your purpose.

Excerpt 2

Be true to yourself. Identify your gifts, so you can make your unique contribution to society. To refuse to complete this assignment is to have lived in vain. Nobody is capable of doing what you alone were created to do….Have a vision, cherish your dream, set goals, and let nothing hinder you….not even the dream stealers.

Excerpt 3

In the race of life, the starting line is not the point of focus, since the individual has minimum impact on that spot. What you do on your journey through is not only crucial, but it is also important in determining where and how you end……

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Written simply but eloquently, the book generates a conversational intimacy between author and reader that leaves one contemplating the message long after the last page is turned. Nicki Kellt, “Between The Lines”. The Punch Organization, Nassau, Bahamas. Please check out the reviews of Barefoot to Boardroom on Amazon.com. There are several there from some of my readers.

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